glendon farrow

MB.BS (Hons) mba fracs(General/paed) AFRACMA maicd

Book Reviews

“…Glen has produced an essential guide on how to practice safely ‘at the pointy end’ of patient care.”

Professor Danny Cass PhD FRACS(Paed) Professor of Surgery             University of Sydney              Children’s Hospital Westmead


“This is one of those rare gifts in our collective efforts to strengthen the safety & quality of hospital care. Succinctly written yet imbued with rich experience & insight, Dr Farrow has succeeded in sharing invaluable pearls of wisdom in a manner that gets you turning the pages with eager anticipation. I’d highly recommend this book to any clinician who’s serious about providing safer care to children, or to adults for that matter, who require hospital care.”
— Dr Barb Vernon PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Children’s Healthcare Australasia


“This very engaging and readable book shares a wealth of experience mindfully built by a highly accomplished military officer and surgeon. While Dr. Farrow’s message is intended for junior health professionals, it would be most valuable for anyone working in – or leading – a workplace where the management of risk and inevitable human error can’t be left to chance alone.”
— Mark Connolly BA, Military and Commercial Pilot, Safety Culture Advisor


“Dr Farrow has brought together the battle grounds of modern warfare and the Emergency Unit. In both, the next challenge may not be precisely predicted but our response may be practiced over and over again. It is this attention to a learned, tested, modified and retested response that in Glen’s experience leads to success in both” theatres” This book is an intriguing and pleasurable way to learn true Safety and Quality in action”.

“This is the type of book of which Apps are made, simple, concise, easy to follow and extremely useful at the point of care. A must read for all clinicians not just doctors.”

“Like any true professional Glen Farrow’s motto could well be “Expect the Unexpected!” Using his unique blend of experience in the military and hospital medicine, he has demonstrated an even greater mantra: “To be prepared for the unexpected is far better than mere expectation”.
— Clifford Hughes AO DSc MBBS FRACS, Professor, Patient Safety and Clinical Quality, Macquarie University.
Immediate Past President of the International Society for Quality in Health Care

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