glendon farrow

MB.BS (Hons) mba fracs(General/paed) AFRACMA maicd

New Release

This book is written for those of you on the frontline of healthcare. Nurses, doctors, allied health professionals who practise at the bedside in wards, emergency departments and intensive care units across the country. It’s particularly aimed at new recruits who are starting out in their career and need to have critical information available to them in order to be safe.
There is no time for you to gain experience, but you need experience to make safe and sensible decisions. That’s where this book comes in.

Praise & Reviews

“Dr. Farrow has written the essential handbook of patient safety books. As a surgeon and healthcare executive, he draws on his own rich experiences to highlight the 20 key strategies to prevent adverse outcomes. I warmly recommend ‘Frontline Patient Safety’ to all health professionals.”

— Jeffrey V Rosenfeld AC, OBE, KStJ, FAHMS, FTSE, FRACS,
 Senior Neurosurgeon, Alfred Hospital
and Professor of Surgery, Monash University

“Dr Farrow has brought together the battle grounds of modern warfare and the emergency unit. In both, the next challenge may not be precisely predicted but our response may be practiced over and over again. It is this attention to a learned, tested, modified and retested response that in Glen’s experience leads to success in both” theatres” This book is an intriguing and pleasurable way to learn true Safety and Quality in action”.

— Clifford Hughes AO DSc MBBS FRACS, Professor, Patient Safety and Clinical Quality, Macquarie University.
Immediate Past President of the International Society for Quality in Health Care

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